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Peanut Butter and Vanilla Espresso Martini: Here is How

This cocktail combines the rich flavours of peanut butter and vanilla with the caffeine kick of espresso for the ultimate year-round drink. While heavy milkshakes and thick smoothies are best saved for cooler weather, this refreshing after-dinner cocktail allows you to enjoy those flavours any time. Using Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey adds a nutty salty twist that balances perfectly with the sweetness from vanilla and coffee. Unlike artificial-tasting cocktails, each distinctive flavour meshes together harmoniously in this specific whiskey cocktail.

The addition of a dollop of velvety foam topped with a sprinkle of salt brings an extra layer of texture and taste to each sip. To make the foam, I whisk together heavy cream, vanilla, and a shot of espresso in a small bowl until thickened to a frothy consistency using either arm power or a small frother. A touch of foam takes this cocktail from good to great, making it the perfect addition to your bar cart repertoire alongside warm spiced apple cider or a classic hot toddy for the next holiday season.

While some prefer a heavier, richer drink in the colder months, I find this cocktail’s lighter yet satisfying profile makes it a great addition to my variety of cocktails enjoyed throughout the year. The smooth yet vibrant flavours offer a refreshing way to enjoy coffee, peanut butter and cream without weighing myself down.

Peanut Butter and Vanilla Espresso Martini

Now that you understand the depth of flavors and indulgence this cocktail provides, it’s time to discover how to seamlessly blend these ingredients into a perfect after dinner drink.

What You’ll Need

Skewball Peanut Butter WhiskeyFor its signature nutty flavor
Coffee liqueur of choice (e.g. Kahlua)Adds depth from roasted coffee beans
Freshly brewed strong coffee, chilledBalances the sweetness
Homemade vanilla simple syrupTakes it to another level (see directions below)
Heavy creamAdds richness while mellowing intensities
Espresso beans or coffee beans (garnish, optional)For an attractive presentation

With these key pantry items on hand, you’ll be all set to mix up a batched cocktail pitcher or craft individual servings of this tasty combo of peanut butter, whiskey and coffee flavors. Displaying the ingredients in a table provides an easy at-a-glance reference for what’s needed to make the cocktails.

Here is How to Make

  1. Start by chilling your martini cocktail glass. Keeping the glass in the cooler or freezer longer allows for optimal serving temperature, so chill the coupe glass for at least 15 minutes and up to 30 minutes.
  2. Prepare the foam by whipping 1-2 Tablespoons heavy cream with a milk frother until it reaches the perfect consistency.
  3. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine 1 oz Skewball Peanut Butter Whiskey, 1 oz coffee liqueur, 2 oz chilled espresso shots, and 1/2 oz vanilla simple syrup. Shake until well-mixed and frothy.
  4. Spoon the cream foam into the chilled martini cocktail glass. Carefully strain the shaken cocktail ingredients over top. Garnish with espresso beans.

What’s the Best Way to Chill the Espresso Quickly?

For chilling the espresso quickly, the best method is to brew it ahead of time into a metal container like a stainless steel mason jar and place directly into the freezer for 30-60 minutes, stirring occasionally. Metal conducts cold temperatures faster than glass, so it chills liquids more efficiently in less time.

An Alternative:

An alternative is to brew the espresso and then refrigerate it, stirring intermittently until fully cold. While taking longer, refrigerating maintains a fresher taste than freezing and thawing.

No matter the chilling method, it’s always best to have the espresso cold and prepared ahead of time before starting to assemble this peanut butter whiskey cocktail. The cold liquids help the drink maintain its proper chilled temperature once poured over ice.

Parmesan Espresso Martinis – The Latest Trend

A new twist on Espresso Martinis has been gaining popularity on social media – topping the drink with freshly grated parmesan cheese. Bartender Jordan Hughes from Youtube’s High Proof Preacher channel helped start this trend worldwide after debuting his version.

While an unusual pairing at first thought, the sweet and salty flavor combo of the parmesan actually works surprisingly well with the coffee-flavored cocktail beneath. Many revel in the rich creaminess the cheese adds, taking the drink to another level beyond the regular espresso martini.

A sprinkle of parmesan provides an extra layer of indulgence that espresso martini lovers have come to love. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it seems to be the motto. Whether as a new staple or just a fun twist to experiment with, this parmesan-topped trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Classic Espresso Martini vs Cremey Espresso Martini

CocktailClassic Espresso MartiniCreamy Espresso Martini
Main LiquidsVodka, Coffee Liqueur, EspressoVodka, Coffee Liqueur, Espresso, Heavy Cream/Cream Liqueur
TextureCrisp, clean coffee punchSmoother, richer texture
Flavor FocusStronger coffee profileCoffee-flavored dessert vibe
CaloriesSlightly moreSlightly fewer
Ideal asAfter-dinner drinkAfter-dinner indulgence

Can I Use Any Type Of Vodka for this Recipe?

While any brand of vodka can technically be used in these espresso martini recipes, a high-quality, neutral-flavored vodka is recommended to let the other flavors shine. Cheaper vodkas can sometimes impart harsher notes that may compete with the more subtle coffee and cream elements.

Look for a vodka with a neutral profile that doesn’t overpower the cocktail. Well-known brands like Absolut, Tito’s or Grey Goose are a safe bet. These allow the nuanced flavors of the espresso, liqueur and dairy to fully come through in the final results.

For the creamiest, most balanced version, resist strong herbaceous or fruity vodkas. Stick to a clean, smooth spirit so as not to muddy up the delicately blended flavors in this rich espresso martini recipe.

Can I Use Instant Coffee or Instant Espresso Powder Instead?

While instant coffee or instant espresso powder can work in a pinch as a substitute, freshly brewed espresso is ideal for getting the best flavor in these martinis.

The concentrated flavor and unique qualities of authentic espresso are what truly shine through in the finished drink. However, if you don’t have an espresso machine, 2-3 shots of very strong brewed coffee as a substitute will still result in a tasty cocktail, even if not perfect.

If using instant, start with half the amount called for in the recipe and adjust to taste – instant varieties will have a milder flavor that may require more to impart the desired intensity. Ultimately, the drink will be a bit different but can still satisfy a craving using instant in a substitution. Just know the “real deal” brewed espresso is preferable when possible.

​How Can I Make a Non-Alcoholic Creamy Espresso Martini Recipe?

Luckily, it’s possible to enjoy all the great flavors of this rich and creamy peanut butter and espresso martini recipe without any alcohol. To make a best non-alcoholic version:

  • Replace the vodka with additional cold brew coffee or milk of choice
  • Substitute non-alcoholic coffee liqueur alternatives available at most grocery and liquor stores for regular coffee liqueur
  • Or use a coffee-flavored syrup like Torani
  • Omit the whiskey
  • Blend all ingredients over ice for a chilled and creamy cocktail experience!

Peanut butter and vanilla flavors also pair wonderfully in these types of chilled coffee drinks. Play with proportions to get your favorite balance without compromising on taste. With a few simple swaps, you can indulge in the yummy flavors anytime.

Can I Prepare the Baileys Espresso Martini Ahead of Time and Store It in the Fridge?

While it’s certainly convenient to pre-mix drinks, it’s best to wait until serving time to prepare this creamy espresso martini recipe to preserve its freshness and frothy texture.

You can, however, partially pre-mix the basic ingredients ahead of time, excluding the ice. Then store the pre-mixed portion in an airtight container in the fridge for a short time until needed – no more than a few hours.

When ready to serve, just divide the pre-mixed liquid among glasses filled with ice and shake briefly to froth it back up before pouring or straining into chilled glasses.

This allows you to enjoy the fresh taste without much pre-drink preparation hassle. Drinks are best fully mixed at the last minute for an authentic bubbly mouthfeel. But partially pre-mixing takes the edge off last-minute drink making!

What’s a Suitable Garnish for Your Delicious Cocktail?

There are several tasty garnish options that complement the flavors in these peanut butter cream espresso martinis:

  • Espresso beans are a classic favorite, providing extra bursts of coffee flavor.
  • For added indulgence, try a dusting of cocoa powder around the rim.
  • A chocolate twist is giving a quick drizzle of chocolate syrup around the inside of the glass.
  • Peanut butter dusted espresso beans blend both notable flavors for maximum appeal.
  • A spiral vanilla bean slice adds signature scent without overpowering the drink.

The goal is to enhance and accent without overwhelming the smooth tastes already balanced in your martini. With options like these, you can take your peanut butter coffee indulgence up another delicious notch with just a garnish.

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How to Make the Vanilla Simple Syrup

Making your own vanilla simple syrup is easy and allows you to control the freshness and flavor. You’ll need:

  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract

1- In a saucepan, combine the sugar and water. Heat over medium, stirring occasionally, until the sugar is fully dissolved and the mixture simmers. This makes a sugar syrup.

2- Once the sugar syrup is clear, remove from heat and let cool completely. Then add the vanilla extract and mix to combine.

3- Transfer the vanilla simple syrup to an airtight jar or container. Store in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

Feel free to adjust the amount of vanilla to your taste preferences. You can also substitute varieties like vanilla bean pods stripped of seeds instead of extract. No matter how you flavor it, simple syrup is a great enhancement for any coffee cocktail.

Nutrition Information

NutrientAmountPercent Daily Value

As shown in the table above, one serving of this peanut butter espresso martini provides:

  • 209 calories which is 10% of the recommended daily intake of 2000 calories.
  • 12 grams of carbohydrates or 4% of the recommended daily intake of 300 grams.
  • 12 grams of sugar which accounts for 13% of the recommended daily intake of 90 grams or less for women.

While not a low calorie drink, enjoying this espresso martini as an occasional afternoon or after dinner treat can fit well within a balanced diet for the experience of its rich and indulgent flavors.


This rich and indulgent espresso martini is the perfect sweet-yet-sophisticated after dinner drink. Balancing creamy peanut butter and vanilla flavors with strong espresso and vodka, it satisfies a craving for coffee and dessert in one refreshing cocktail. With attention to ingredients and technique, home mixologists can easily craft this decadent yet balanced martini to impress family and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make simple syrup with brown sugar?

You can certainly try making simple syrup with brown sugar. It will add more depth of flavor than white sugar. Start with less brown sugar than the recipe calls for as it’s stronger, and adjust to taste over time.

Can I use store bought cold brew to make this espresso martini cocktail?

bsolutely! Using a high quality cold brew coffee concentrate is perfectly suitable, especially if you don’t have access to freshly brewed hot espresso. Opt for a dark coffee cold brew for best results in the evening.

What goes best with espresso martini?

A simple scoop of vanilla ice cream pairs fantastically well as an easy option. You could also try savory pairing options like mushrooms or toast. Meat hand pies would also work nicely to soak up the creamy sweetness of the cocktail.

What type of espresso is best for espresso martini?

Freshly brewed espresso made from freshly roasted and ground arabica beans will give you the best taste and mouthfeel in an espresso martini.

What is the best thing about espresso martini?

The espresso martini is a sumptuous combination of vodka, coffee liqueur and espresso that is rich, indulgent and creamy. It makes for the perfect shot of energy to boost flagging spirits after a busy day.

What type of person drinks espresso martini?

Those who love the ultimate combination of coffee, alcohol and sugar tend to be extremely ambitious, rigidly organised type A personalities who work hard and play even harder. It’s the drink of enviably outgoing professionals working both 100% professionally and socially.

Is an espresso martini a night drink?

With its blend of booze and caffeine, the espresso martini is best enjoyed in the evening for relaxation rather than during the day where it could interfere with sleep. The combination fuels relaxation over productivity after a long day.

Is espresso martini strong?

While espresso martinis pack the flavors of rich coffee, sweet cream and alcohol, the blend results in a drink that is creamy and foamy rather than harsh. The espresso provides just the right amount of boldness without being overly bitter or strong, making it the perfect after-dinner cocktail to get the party started.

Why is my espresso martini watery?

It can become watery if over-diluted with too much ice left in for too long while shaking. Using a proper cocktail shaker and properly chilling without melting excess ice prevents the drink from becoming weak and watery in flavor and texture.

What makes a martini taste better?

A ratio of 2 parts spirit to 1 part vermouth generally makes for the best-balanced martini. Sweet vermouth results in a sweeter drink while dry vermouth adds more aromatic and spice notes to complement the body provided by the spirit.

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