Creamy Green Onion Dip: A Bowl You’ll Find Hard to Resist

This creamy green onion dip is one of my favorite recipes to make for get togethers because it comes together so easily using ingredients I almost always have on hand. In about 35 minutes I can pull together a dip with incredible flavor that’s perfect for a crowd.

The beauty of this dip is that it only requires a handful of simple ingredients that are readily available at any grocery store. With just cream cheese, sour cream, green onions, herbs and a subtle tang from lemon juice, I’m able to whip up a pot of dip that tastes like it took all day to prepare but comes together in a fraction of the time.

This has become my go-to recipe for any gathering large or small. Family birthdays, Super Bowl snacks, holiday celebrations – the green onion dip is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser and has converted even the most skeptic non-foodie into fans. Best of all, cleanup is a breeze with just a few dishes to wash when the party is over. With few ingredients but maximum taste, this easy creamy green onion dip is a recipe I’ll keep making again and again for its simplicity and deliciousness. While this dip is great for parties, I also enjoy it as a weeknight meal with veggie sticks or pita chips. The creamy texture and bright flavor never gets old. I’d be curious to hear if you and your family also become fans after trying this recipe.

Creamy Green Onion Dip

Now that you understand what makes green onion dip so delicious, let’s dive into making our own fresh version. I’ll guide you through the simple steps to prepare this crowd-pleasing classic everyone is sure to love!

Ingredients Needed 

Softened Cream CheeseProvides a smooth, luxurious texture with a mild tanginess that creates a delightful contrast to the sharpness of the green onions. Ensures dip has incredibly lush thickness and richness while also adding a subtle hint of sweetness.
Sour CreamComplements the cream cheese perfectly. Enhances the overall creaminess of the dip while also balancing out the richness with its pleasant tartness and refreshing element. Balances and elevates the cream cheese to create an incredibly lush and creamy texture.
Green OnionsBurst with an unmistakable, bold onion flavor when finely diced. Add fresh crunch and delightful pop of color. Though mild, contribute a pleasing slight peppery note that elevates the overall taste.
Diced ParsleyContributes a vibrant herbaceous element that enlivens the flavors.
Minced GarlicAdds an aromatic, savory kick that adds just the right amount of spiciness.
VinegarA small amount introduces a subtle touch of acidity that cuts through the richness.
Salt and Black PepperHelp to fine-tune the flavors to your preference and ensure everything is in perfect balance, enhancing the naturally savory taste. Adjusting these amounts lets you tailor the flavors to your unique taste buds.

Green Onion Dip Ingredient Alternatives

Tangy Goat Cheese

For those seeking a tangy, more distinctive taste, softened goat cheese makes an excellent option in place of cream cheese. Its bold, tangy flavor adds a new dimension to the classic dip.

Greek Yogurt Lightened Version

Looking to create a lighter version? Swap half the sour cream for plain Greek yogurt – it adds a creamy richness with an equally refreshing tang.

Chive Twist

Twist, replace the diced green onions with an equal amount of fresh chives for an even more pronounced herbaceous flavor. Feel free to experiment with other fresh herbs as well for a flavorful twist.

Cilantro Kick

Feeling adventurous? Try swapping the parsley for an equal amount of fresh cilantro – its bright, vibrant notes give the dip an extra zesty kick.

Roasted Garlic Depth

To further enhance the savory profile, feel brave and experiment with roasted garlic in place of minced garlic for a richer, more profoundly complex taste.

How to Make Green Onion Dip (3 Easy Steps)

Step 1:
The first step is to grab your food processor or a mixing bowl. Add the softened cream cheese and sour cream and pulse the ingredients together until fully combined and the mixture has a smooth, creamy texture. This initial blending step is essential for creating the dip’s base and ensuring it has a uniform, velvety consistency.

Once the cream cheese and sour cream are smoothly blended, it’s time to introduce the remaining, simple ingredients. To begin, adding finely diced green onions, providing the bold, unmistakable onion flavor to the dip. Next, incorporate chopped parsley and minced garlic.

Step 2:
It is crucial to refrigerate the mixture so the flavors can meld and intensify. Transfer the mixture to an airtight plastic-wrapped, covered container and refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving. During this refrigeration period, the flavors harmonize to reach their full potential and develop a truly delicious, well-rounded flavor profile.

Step 3:
Just before serving, pour in a bit of vinegar to add a touch of acidity that brightens the other ingredients. Give the dip a good stir to thoroughly mix and evenly distribute throughout the creamy base. Chilling provides the dip with a firmer consistency that is easier to scoop up and enjoy once the recommended refrigeration period is ready to be served.

How to Make Green Onion Dip with Sour Cream (4 Points)

This version of the classic green onion dip relies on sour cream rather than a mixture of sour cream and cream cheese. The process is still simple.

1- Start by combining 8 ounces of cream cheese and 1 cup of sour cream in a mixing bowl. Use a wooden spoon or spatula to thoroughly mix the two ingredients together until well mixed.

2- Once the cheese and sour cream are blended, stir in the remaining ingredients which include 1⁄4 cup of finely diced green onions, 1 tablespoon of minced parsley and 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder. Combine everything until uniform.

3- For a fresh garnish, top the dip with a few thin sliced green onions and a sprinkle of parsley. Chill the dip for about 30 minutes before serving to allow the flavors to blend.

4- Serve with assorted veggies, chips or crackers for dipping. The sour cream base gives this version a lighter tang than the classic cream cheese recipe. 

How Long Does it Last?

The answer is 4 days. Here is how!

It’s important to properly store any homemade dip containing dairy since it will spoil more quickly than other ingredients. For maximum freshness, plan to finish the green onion dip within 3-4 days of making it.

To get the most time out of it, be sure to transfer the leftovers to an airtight container and seal tightly with plastic wrap. Store in the refrigerator, stirring before each serving.

For a casual party, the dip can usually last the full duration stored in a covered container in the fridge as long as it is mostly empty by the end of the event. Just be sure not to leave it out for more than 2 hours total, and discard promptly if not fully consumed. With proper refrigeration and handling, green onion dip can be enjoyed for up to a maximum of 4 days from the initial preparation date.

How to Serve this Easy Dip Recipe

Basic Serving

For casual get-togethers, the dip can be simply placed in a serving bowl for guests to easily scoop and enjoy.

Creative Presentation Ideas

Hollow out the top third of a small loaf of French bread to use the basket-like base as the serving bowl. Fill with dip and provide dipping cubes of the bread loaf alongside.

For a festive party, spoon the dip into an empty bread bowl so guests can dig right in!

Get Guests Involved

Get your guests involved by providing craft items like crispy potato chips, tortilla chips, pita chips, bagel chips and buttered crackers for forming their own personal dippers.

Healthy Alternatives

For those seeking a gluten-free or healthier alternative, try serving the dip with fresh-cut veggies like carrot sticks, bell peppers, and celery sticks. Raw vegetables make for naturally favorite dippers.

A Crowd-Pleasing Hit

No matter how it’s served up, this crowd-pleasing dip is sure to be a hit for any initiative thanks to its simple ingredients and irresistible flavor!

Tapas Tips & Tricks

  1. Chill dips like green onion dip in the refrigerator for a few hours before serving so the flavors have time to set. Or for extra heat, stir in some finely chopped jalapeños, hot sauce or a pinch of cayenne pepper.
  2. For smooth dips without bits of ingredients, use a food processor to blend everything until fully combined.
  3. Make dips dairy-free by substituting non-dairy yogurt, silken tofu or cashew cream for sour cream, cream cheese etc.
  4. Stuff tomatoes, peppers or mushroom caps with mixtures like herbed goat cheese for handheld veggie snacks.
  5. Whipped feta cheese mixed with olive oil and fresh herbs makes a quick and tasty alternative to regular dairy-based dips.

Keep experimenting with flavor combinations and presentation styles to craft the perfect assortment of light eats for your next tapas party!

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What does Green Onion Dip go with?

When it comes to pairing green onion dip, the answer is pretty much anything! This versatile spread adds big flavor to so many recipes and snacks. Some top ideas for enjoying green onion dip include:

Chips and crackers

Potato chips, tortilla chips, pita chips, vegetable chips, pretzels and saltines are all perfect vehicles for dipping.

Chopped vegetables

Carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers and more make for a healthy crudité plate with the creamy dip as a delicious dressing.

Sharing snack

Green onion dip is the ideal centerpiece for an appetizer or party dip tray.


Use it as you would mayo or ranch on sandwiches, burgers or as a salad dressing.


Spoon it over baked potatoes, tacos, nachos or bruschetta for extra delicious flavor.

With so many possibilities, it’s no wonder this simple yet satisfying dip has become a staple in so many homes. 

Storing Leftover Green Onion Dip

It’s unlikely you’ll have much leftover green onion dip after a party, but in case there are some remaining servings, it’s best to properly store it in the refrigerator. To keep the dip fresh:

  • Transfer any leftover dip to an airtight container or seal with plastic wrap. You can also spread it into a large bowl so it’s not too deep for bacteria to form.
  • Clearly label with the date and type of dip.
  • Green onion dip is best enjoyed within 3 days of being made. Beyond that window, it’s best to discard any remaining leftovers.
  • When ready to use again, scoop out the portion you need from the container and seal the remaining dip tightly before returning to the fridge.

With the right storage, you can look forward to using up those tasty leftover servings in sandwiches, as a salad dressing or with your favorite dippers

Can you freeze Green Onion Dip?

While green onion dip can be frozen, it’s best to leave out fresh herbs like green onions and parsley, as they are more likely to turn brown or slimy after freezing. The dairy-based dip also may separate slightly when thawed. To freeze it, place the herb-less dip in an airtight freezer-safe container, leaving 1 inch of headspace. Label with the date and contents, and it should maintain quality in the freezer for 2-3 months. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator and gently stir before serving, as freezing and thawing can cause some separation. Frozen green onion dip works well in baked dishes or simply for dipping chips, but may not have the same texture as a freshly made batch.

Are Green Onions and Scallions the same thing?

While the terms green onion and scallion are often used interchangeably, they are technically the same vegetable. Both refer to the early stages of the onion plant before the bulb enlarges, featuring long slender stalks with dark green leaves and white bulbs. Sometimes they are also called spring onions. The main difference is that true scallions have a milder flavor but green onions tend to be stronger and more pungent due to a larger white base. In most recipes either can be substituted for the other as long as the white bulbs are included. Green onions and scallions are typically stocked together in grocery stores for culinary use.


AmountPer Serving (1/4 cup)
Total Fat15g
Saturated Fat9g
Trans Fat0g
Unsaturated Fat5g


Laura Scudders Green Onion Dip

One popular commercially available brand of green onion dip is Laura Scudder’s. It contains a blend of sour cream, green onions, vinegar and seasonings for a tangy, onion forward flavor profile. A single 2 tablespoon serving contains only 45 calories but delivers rich creaminess. Laura Scudder’s uses cultured sour cream which provides digestive benefits beyond regular sour cream. Their green onion dips have been a pantry staple for decades, inspiring many home cooks to craft their own fresh, from-scratch versions. While homemade dips allow customizing ingredients to personal tastes, Laura Scudder’s remain a convenient high quality option found in most major grocery stores.

Green Onion Dip Recipe Sour Cream

Sour cream is one of the most common ingredients used in green onion dip recipes, providing richness and tang. It helps create a creamy, spreadable consistency. Full-fat sour cream contributes more flavor compared to low-fat or non-fat versions, though light sour cream can be used for a slightly lower calorie option. The probiotic cultures in sour cream aid digestion too. For the nutrition profile listed earlier, full-fat sour cream was used in a classic recipe approach. But Greek yogurt or cottage cheese make viable lower calorie substitutes, changing up the nutritional values slightly but still delivering that signature creamy green onion dip taste. Experimenting with different dairy bases allows for variety in homemade batches.


In conclusion, this Creamy Green Onion Dip brings together simple yet flavorful ingredients into a versatile dip that is both healthy and satisfying. The blend of cream cheese, sour cream and fresh green onions creates a rich and creamy base enhanced by a subtle garlic and herb accent. With its mild onion flavor and smooth texture, this dip is sure to be a crowd-pleasing addition to any party or gathering.


Do you use the white part of a green onion?

Yes, both the green stalks and the white bulb at the bottom of green onions add great flavor and color to creamy dips like this easy green onion dip.

What’s the difference between scallions and green onions?

Really there is no difference – scallions and green onions are simply different names used for the same vegetable in various regions. They both refer to the early stages of the onion plant before the bulb enlarges.

What do Australians call green onions?

Australians commonly refer to green onions as shallots.

What is green onion dip made of?

This vibrantly flavorful creamy dip gets its character from just a few everyday ingredients blended together in about 10 minutes – namely crisp green onions, tangy sour cream, fresh garlic, and a lively hint of lemon. It makes for the ideal accompaniment for spontaneous gatherings or a casual evening at home.

What are the ingredients in a wise green onion dip mix?

A wise green onion dip mix contains dehydrated onions and green onions to provide the flavor foundation, along with whey to add protein and act as a binding agent. Nonfat milk ingredients like dried milk or lactose add creaminess, while salt balances the flavors and acts as a preservative. Parsley, MSG, and other flavor enhancers enhance and round out the taste profile. Hydrolyzed corn gluten functions as a flour ingredient to influence texture. Seasonings like garlic or onion powder further the savory qualities. Natural flavors, turmeric extract for color, and anti-caking agents keep the pre-made mix shelf-stable and easily mixable for homemade dips.

What is onion dip made of?

Onion dip is typically made by combining sour cream or cream cheese, onions, parsley, salt, pepper and other seasonings like onion powder or Worcestershire sauce in a bowl and mixing until smooth. It’s best served at room temperature with potato chips.

Is milk in French onion dip?

Commercial French onion dip mixes often contain cultured milk, cream, nonfat milk and whey among the ingredients for flavor and texture.

Do you have a recipe for a dry green onion dip mix?

Making your own dry green onion dip mix at home allows you to control the ingredients and customize the flavor to your liking. A basic recipe involves dehydrating fresh green onions, garlic and herbs then processing them into a powder. This is combined with non-fat dry milk, salt, pepper, and other seasoned dry ingredients like onion powder or lemon zest. The mix can then be stored in an airtight container until ready to use – simply add sour cream or Greek yogurt and your dip is ready in minutes with loads of fresh flavor. Rehydrating homemade dry mixes means less preservatives from store-bought versions too. Getting creative with blendings and seasonings allows for endless variation in dry green onion dip mixes.

Can green onion dip be made without cream cheese?

While cream cheese is a common ingredient in green onion dip recipes, it can also be wonderfully made without it. For those avoiding dairy or looking for a lighter option, yogurt makes a great substitute. Greek yogurt in particular adds a thick, creamy texture similar to sour cream but with fewer calories and more protein. When using yogurt instead of cream cheese, the dip takes on a fresher flavor profile focused more on the bright onion flavor. All that’s needed is chopped green onions, garlic, white vinegar or lemon juice, salt and pepper blended together for a quick cream cheese-free green onion dip.

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